[projects & collaborations]
[cartologia suite]
 Multi-Media Project
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Funding
Thomas Lawton, piano

i. Charms Against Chaos
ii. Frontiers Unfolding
iii. Rewired Dogma
iv. I.R.T.
v. Multiple Latitudes

The musical investigation of the charting & mapping of frontier landscapes
[suite for dance]
Modern Dance Project
DanSpace & American Music Center Funding
choreographer/dancer Cherylyn Lavagnino
Francesca Tanksley, piano

i. Alphabetic Alchemy
ii. Oculus
iii. Perpendicularities

"The bravest experiment on Lavagnino's recent Danspace program is Disorderly Conduct, for which she asks dancers to improvise on a set structure to pieces by Brian Groder, played live by Groder's four-person jazz ensemble. The risks [the dancers] take in improvising result not only in strikingly beautiful moments; frequent instability pulls them into clumsy intersections, rawly tender enough to knock you out."
- Village Voice
play by Joseph Reed Hayes
music by Brian Groder
Orlando International Fringe Festival
Orlando FL

Brian Groder - trumpet; Chuck Archard - bass; Per Danielsson - piano; Doug Mathews - bass; Steve Luciano - guitar; Tom Ewing - guitar; Mark McKee - keyboards; Dan Johnson - drums

"My first Sunday show was Solos, a touching story about love, truth, God and jazz as religion, accompanied by an incredible jazz ensemble." - Orlando Citybeat
[the guesthouse of the holy ghost]
play by Bill Bruehl
music and songs by Brian Groder
Presented by The Dramatists Guild

Lone Consonance
Bye to Alabam'
Laugh With Me
I Fought The War
A Soldier's Soliloquy
Good Guys

Wild women, black marketeers, heartbreak and dangerous romance