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Oculus is a composition that has been evolving and changing for years, picking up nuances and emerging in its "final" form as the second portion of the Suite For Dance (2006).

One Composition, Infinite Interpretations

The Oculus Project is an opportunity for you to take the inspiration of Oculus and fly with it in any direction. Bend, warp, deconstruct and stretch it to your style, celebrate the jazz-ness of Oculus ― we want to hear your voice.

Join with Ron Thomas, Francesca Tanksley, Dave Hartl, and others, by sharing your vision of this tune. Grab the sheet music, upload your interpretation of the tune to your webpage or blog, and send us the info. We'll post a playable link to the version on your website; you'll get a chance to connect with a vibrant and ever-changing musical community.

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Dave Hartl Dave's website download "Oculus" sheet music here 
Ron Thomas 1  Ron's website  
Ron Thomas w/ Brian Groder     
Ron Thomas 2     
Francesca Tanksley Francesca's website  
"Oculus" is 2008 Brian Groder/Glyphs Music BMI and is licensed by Latham Records. Derivative versions of "Oculus" are used with permission; live performance rights are granted the various contributors to "The Oculus Project" with the understanding that Brian Groder, as the composer, is credited. Recording rights fall under standard BMI contract. briangroder.com














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