I'm in love with my horns again after Master Craftsman/Repairman, Josh Landress worked on them this Spring (the strap on the vintage leather satchel I carry them in broke, sending my precious horns crashing to the ground). They have the slots and the singing qualities back in focus, which is why I picked them out to begin with. Gigs and session works are a blast playing on my "new-old horns".

The trumpet I found in Philadelphia's Zapf's Music Store. The horn had been put aside for one of the Phil Orchestra's trumpet players, but never was picked up. After playing it, I put my money down immediately.

My "warm flugel" was buried away in the Sam Ash Hempstead NY store where my father had stopped in. He like playing the responsive horn, and reserved it for me to come in and try. Some horns just make you stop in your tracks, feeling like an extension of yourself. You buy those, no questions asked, and give thanks for finding them.



- Yamaha Xeno YTR8335RG Trumpet with reverse lead pipe, a warm & darker trumpet sound for small ensemble playing

- Bach Bb Stradivarius Trumpet Model 43H ML Bell, 25LR (reverse lead pipe) silver plated

- Couesnon-Paris Monopole Flugelhorn silver plated (circa 1974)

Bach Megatone 3C
Bach Megatone 6FL